What is Shroud of the Avatar?

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Silver Serpentâ„¢ Pendant - In Stock
Silver Serpentâ„¢ Pendant - In Stock
Hail Avatar! From the time of legends comes a symbol of Order and Virtue - Lord British's Silver Serpent™ pendant.

Each Silver Serpent™ pendant is made from sterling silver (.925) and has a rhodium plated finish to reduce tarnishing.

This Silver Serpent™ pendant is a 100% replica, using the exact measurements and personally approved by Richard Garriott.

This replica has a bail to enable the purchaser to suspend the pendant onto any chain type and length they desire. By adding a bail it makes the pendant more versatile.

**Sterling silver is a soft metal thus allowing it to be easily scratched. To reduce scratching, store sterling silver in a separate container so it doe not rub against other items. Even though the pendant is rhodium plated, this may only help reduce tarnishing. Tarnishing is a natural process of oxidation that may occur with sterling silver. The scratches can be buffed out, please keep in mind buffing will remove the rhodium finish. **

Used under license from Portalarium.

From Shroud of the Avatar, “Few remember the great earth snake, from whence Lord British took on this symbol. Now all those who would fight by his side, wear it, so they might know each other and recognize their mutual devotion to the lands of New Britannia!”.

Make sure you order the first Shroud of the Avatar collectible made from precious sterling silver!

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Need a chain for your Silver Serpent™ Pendant? Order one here! We have many styles to choose from including a circle or box chain. Or a polishing cloth?

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